GPTTeams centralizes AI models like GPT-4, Claude 3, and Gemini to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. It offers secure, real-time collaboration and saves hours each week!

Key Features: • Works with any AI platform • Personal Preferences • Real-Time Collaboration • Role-based access control • Chat with your documents • Reliable and Secure • Team sharing • Multi models • Chat Management • Build Custom Assistants Bot • Prompts and Presets • Maximum Control • Folders Organization • Light and dark UI • Hotkey & shortcuts • Friendly UI

Use Cases: • Marketers using GPTTeams to simplify complex ideas and create concise content • Content creators using GPTTeams to consolidate and refine their content efficiently • Business owners using GPTTeams to enhance business operations with AI technology • Teachers using GPTTeams to generate educational content and streamline tasks • Researchers using GPTTeams to access GPT4 and advanced Claude models in one place

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